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Entreq Challenger iInfinity 3V 2..75M
판매가격 :  
주문수량 :
제조사 : Entreq (엥트레크)
재고량 : 1
출시일 : 2021-04-09
원산지 : 스웨덴
합계금액 :  





Entreq Challenger Infinity Serie II 3V Speaker Cable Pair


Challenger serie II share's the same basic construction as Konstantin , but is dramatically improved in several specific area's. Entreq really want to highlight Challenger 3V Power Cord and 3V Speaker cable. It´s outstanding cables in price/performance.

Challenger is for the person who has truly great musical equipment. Contender for the best of the best Challenger hides nothing. If the rest of your equipment lives up to the standards you will get perfect placements in altitude, depth and width. With the Challenger range everything is brought forward and presented in a terrifyingly realistic way.

Infinity line:

The way the cables used to drain away the noise / stay currents are designed has an signify effect on the result. Entreq believe this is due to there being such a high frequency and low voltage in the current with which Entreq deal with.  When Entreq developed the Apollo Network cable, Apollo RG 45, Entreq more or less stumble in to one of the most breaktroughing developments so far regarding earth cables and grounding. Entreq test with expose the conductors for very high pressure. When this conductors was used for signal transmission it was not a big hit. But for grounding it´s one of the biggest improvment Entreq ever came across.

There are many theorys why Entreq get this improvment when Entreq treat the conductors with high pressure. To be honest Entreq dont know which or what it is that makes this big improvment, and frankly speaking Entreq don´t care at the moment. The important is that this is one of the biggest leap in grounding for Entreq so far.
Another detail is the wood tube on all of the Eartha Infinity cables. Also Entreq are not sure if it´s because it reduce vibrations or radiation that Entreq notice a significant improvment with the wood tube on Eartha Infinity.  


  • Separate cable for positive and negative signals
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Positive and negative cables are spun clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.
  • Adapted lengths to minimise the antenna effect.
  • DIC Dedicated contacts so the area on the mass of the contact areas correspond to the cable area.
  • Wood in the contact framework. Non-magnetic and non-conductive.
  • Only pure copper and silver in the signal paths. No alloys
  • Drain wire instead of shielding in order to connect to a pure earth point (External Earth Drain System)
  • Cotton covering instead of synthetic materials
  • EEDS External Earth Drain System - This entails the shielding / drain wire not being connected to the device’s negative pole, but is connected to another external earth point. This way, we drain off the interference/noise that the shielding absorbs to the ground outside of the signal paths, instead of the usual mixing it together with the signal wire at the connection to the devices.

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